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Friday, March 26, 2021

The Marmite Haters’


‘The Marmite Haters’


Kevin and Conor were two ordinary boys with two ordinary lives except for one thing.

Their parents HATED marmite .Yes, I know they hated the thick brown gooey fudgey stuff.

So as they already knew they were forbidden  to try it. Kevin and Conor so wanted to try it, so one morning before their parents woke up they snuck out of the house and on their bikes to the shops and searched for the biggest tub of marmite they could find.

And there it was, the biggest tub of marmite ever seen. It was 1,0000g . Conor quickly grabbed it and put it in a bag. Let's go Kevin, he said. They quickly cycled back home just in time to get back in bed before their parents woke up. Just when they heard their dad go downstairs, “Conor, have you still got it” said Kevin. “Yeah” said Conor. Then let's go. Kevin and Conor ran downstairs.

Conor took out the big tub of marmite and showed it to his parents. His mam screamed “how dare you bring that into our house you spoiled brat” she screamed. 

Just then Conor opened the lid and stuck his finger in the tub and into his mouth. “So do you hate it?”asked Kevin. No, he said “I like marmite”.


By Róisín Ní Dhúda

1 comment:

  1. Roisin this is amazing!! Ten thousand grams of marmite, I can't even imagine how big that is. Not only have you taken this weeks marmite prompt and made it into an interesting tale, you've made use of the age-old debate between marmite lovers and marmite haters.

    Your entry is laid out clearly and your grammar is super impressive. Well done!! I can't wait to hear more off of you.