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Thursday, February 25, 2021

Her favourite Ball

Her favourite Ball

By Senan Ó Dorchaí

One day we went to the park with my sister's favourite ball.  I started kicking the ball to my Dad and I scored a goal.  I was very pleased with myself but when I went in goal, I could not save one shot.  I could not believe I let in so many goals and I was deflated.  Then, I distracted my Dad and I finally saved a shot, but my glory was short lived! My sister asked for her ball back but I could not see where the it had gone. ‘But were did it go’ she shouted; she wasn’t happy.  After a while we found it hidden behind a big bush 


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Cold Winter’s Day

 Cold Winter’s Day

it’s very cold this morning,” I said as I woke up. I opened my blinds and looked out, it’s snowing, hurray! I ran down the stairs and out the back to build a snow house with my sister Saoirse. Saoirse was so excited because this was really the first year she build a snow house. Our hands turned red with the cold but we didn’t mind as we were having fun. Next morning we looked out the window and Saoirse started to cry and said “our snow house is gone! But where did it go?” she shouted. She didn’t understand snow houses melt away.


The lucky pencil

The lucky pencil

Emer got an A+ in every test at school. She used the same greenish pencil and Emer called it her lucky pencil. One day there was a pop-up math test. Emer knew she would get an A+. When the teacher was handing out the test to Emer she reached for her lucky pencil BUT it was gone!

“I had it right here” she thought. Emer ran up to the front of the class “But where did it go” she shouted. “Emer get down from there right now” yelled the teacher “But I need my lucky pencil” Emer screamed. Now you know why Emer is in detention.



The Mysterious Creature !!


The Mysterious Creature !!


One summers’ day me and my brother Cillian were walking in the woods.We were just about to go home when we heard a noise. It sounded like a soft squeak.

We quickly turned around. I suddenly had this feeling that it was a leopard.

Then Cillian reminded me that there aren’t any in Ireland. I felt a bit better but I still felt scared. We tried to forget about it but then we heard it again.Then it emerged….. guess what it was? ……… a bunny. It was SO cute .We decided to bring it home with us.The bunny was very feisty. It kept scratching me and trying to bite me. Then in the distance we heard a woman shouting. But where did it go?, she shouted. Then she saw us. She ran to us and said “You found her, oh you found her!” . I know what you are thinking, WHAT is going on?

Well the lady had lost the bunny. The bunny had a really cute name. Lola


By Róisín Ní Dhúda

The new driver

  The new driver

“Bye” Emily called to her parents. Emily was going on her first drive since she got her driving license the day before. Emily had failed her test twice before.

She was extremely excited to drive her brand new car. She went to the local shop to get a coffee. When she got out she looked everywhere, but to her horror, her, precious car was gone! “But where did I it go!” she hollered to herself. An old woman sympathised saying that it had been towed away. Only then did Emily notice that there was a double yellow line where her car had once been.


The Trampo-Swing


The Trampo-Swing

I was so excited to go to our holiday house because I go down nearly every year to see my friends and have fun swimming at the beach or playing at their house.

The minute we came I jumped out of the car and stretched my legs. I opened the gate and ran inside the house. We unpacked our bags and my sister and I ran up to our friends house. They opened the door and we  ran into their garden and saw their trampoline hanging from a rope. It looked weird because you don’t see a trampoline hanging from a rope and over a river. My sister asked what it was and they said “we call it a trampo-swing.” I jumped on to it and we swung and swung until we got dizzy.




The Mysterious Creature!


The Mysterious Creature


One summers’ day me and my brother Cillian were walking in the woods.We were just about to go home when we heard a noise. It sounded like a soft squeak.

We quickly turned around. I suddenly had this feeling that it was a leopard.

Then Cillian reminded me that there aren’t any in Ireland. I felt a bit better but I still felt scared. We tried to forget about it but then we heard it again.Then it emerged….. guess what it was? ……… a bunny. It was SO cute .We decided to bring it home with us.The bunny was very feisty. It kept scratching me and trying to bite me. Then in the distance we heard a woman shouting. But where did it go?, she shouted. Then she saw us. She ran to us and said “You found her, oh you found her!” . I know what you are thinking, WHAT is going on?

Well the lady had lost the bunny. The bunny had a really cute name. Lola


By Róisín Ní Dhúda

Cycling in St Annes

 Yesterday I was cycling in Saint Annes and I

saw something unusual. It was a bat and while I

was staring at it I almost crashed into a tree. I

was just about able to steer away in time, why

was there a bat in Saint Annes? After about one

hour of cycling I was starting to get tired so I

decided to go home. on the way home I saw the

bat again,

I went over to it but it flew away so I chased it

but my bike smashed against a tree and got

tied up in a knot.


The Great escape?

The Great escape?

“But where did he go?” she shouted. “Where did who go?” I asked with curiosity. “The Blackout Burglar has escaped!” said the Sheriff. “About what time was this?” I asked, “Well, I had a drink at 1.30pm and then he escaped” he whispered. I quickly checked my wristwatch it was 1.45 pm, which means he had 15 minutes to get as far away as possible. I got my bike and cycled as fast as I could I pedalled for what felt like hours finally I saw what I thought was a prison uniform. I thought I must be on the right track......................



The Lost Lottery Ticket……

                            The Lost Lottery Ticket……


One day, I got a lottery ticket from my grandad, he told me it might be lucky. So I put it away safely. The next day, I woke up and went to school. The lottery for that night was worth ten million euro, I was so excited. That night I watched the numbers come out of the draw on television. I had my ticket in my hand and three of my numbers had been called, I wouldn’t believe my luck when the next three were also on my ticket. I jumped for joy and shouted I won, I won! I started to think about what I was going to buy, I decided on a house with a cinema and a swimming pool. I put my ticket under my pillow to keep it safe and I fell asleep. I woke up the next day looking for my ticket and I told me mam I wouldn’t find my ticket, ‘but where did it go she shouted’. All of a sudden I woke up from my dream…..                                                

By Elizabeth Cunningham O’Sullivan



Oileán Árainn Mhór agus an bád

 Oileán Árainn Mhór agus an bád

It was the summer of 2020. I was on Arranmore island. My self Oisín, Sorcha, my mam and dad and Copper were out in the fishing boat. My cousins came too. They were in the speedboat. We were having so much fun. We went island hopping. Then we went to Inis Caorach, a small island off Arranmore. We stopped for a picknick. We found a dead dolphin washed up on the beach. We decided to go home and got back into the boat when it just wouldn’t take off. My Dad had to row the boat home. It took an hour and a half.

Ailbhe Nic Eachráin


Tuesday, February 23, 2021


 The UFO

Rita was bored, doing her homework in her bedroom when something caught her eye. There was definitely something in the sky. It looked like a flying donut! “But where did it go?” she shouted. “And what was it?” 

Suddenly it reappeared out of nowhere and was flying closer. It hovered above her house and a huge beam of light shone down. The house began to vibrate and lift off the ground. Rita could see her garden getting further and further away from her until she looked out the window and all she could see was darkness.

At least she wouldn’t have to finish her homework!

Cillian Ó hEachthairn

Dear diary

Dear diary,

Today me and my friends Juggernaut and Logan or Wolverine as he is called in the x-men went to the park and heard a woman calling a dog. We had assumed she lost it so we went to help, well I wanted to help - Logan and Juggernaut didn’t but I persuaded them, well, more like annoyed them. ‘’But where did it go’’ she shouted as we were helping her. Oh, and did I menschen, d-dog is here. Say hi d-dog ... ‘’BARK’’!!! Anyways... ‘’Ruff ruff’’! Oh are you lost? *GASP* you are the dog we are looking for. GUYS I FOUND HIM. HE IS IN THE BUSH OVER HERE!


But where did it go?

But where did it go?

Yesterday we went on a walk in the park .We got ice-cream in the red stables. A woman was parking her electric scooter.
When we were coming back we heard shouting ‘BUT WHERE DID IT GO’... She shouted:
‘Where did what go we asked’ My new electric scooter is Gone, and it’s a red one ’she said. She said we should split up we will cover more ground .
‘ Do you mean that one that that man has?’. OMG, that’s my scooter’ she said in shock. ‘CHASE HIM I SCREAMED.
And that’s how we saved the electric scooter

By Aisling Ní Cheallaigh

Sunday, February 14, 2021

🏆 Comhgháirdeas Nathan !!! 🏆

Comhgháirdeas le Nathan  as an obair scríofa iontach "The Lemonade Stand" a roghnaíodh don Showcase ar an 100 Word Challenge ! Aithentas is ea an Showcase ar na píosaí scríbhneoireachta is fearr a déanamh i rith na seachtaine ó thart ar 200 iarracht ó pháistí na cruinne !   

Congratulations to Conor on having his exceptional writing "Don't Freeze" chosen for the 100 Word Challenge Showcase !! The showcase is recognition of the best pieces of weekly writing from nearly 200  entries from all over the world !

Táimid ar fad an-bhródúil asat Nathan !

Friday, February 12, 2021

The mystery bike

                                             The mystery bike

One day I was walking with my Nanny and Grandad and we saw an abandoned bike. It was bright yellow and it was standing up. I was amazed by this bike. I asked my grandad about it and he told me it had been left like that for over 10 years. 

The story to it made me laugh. The man who left it wore an upsidedown hat. His clothes were yellow just like the bike and he wore a spotty green tie.  The man was running to catch the bus and he forgot to lock the bottom wheel. My grandad said everyone stops and looks at the bike because it is funny and he was forgetting where he left his stuff because down the road I saw a bright green bike parked with the bottom wheel at the top of the tree! 


Thursday, February 11, 2021

The Money Maker


The Money Maker

By Grace O’Sullivan

Hi my name is Alex. Today I went to my friend Izzy’s house for supper. After supper, we went to her room. Izzy is always hungry and she goes down stairs to get a snack. While she’s gone, I decided to get onto her bed and have a look around. I noticed a strange painting on the wall, in the painting, there is a bike leaning on a tree. The bike is a bit old and rusty.

The doorbell rings, it's Mum to pick me up. When I get home I go up to my room. I try to draw the painting that I saw in Izzy’s room. I look at my painting then mum comes in and says that it’s my bedtime. I lay in bed thinking about the painting and I decided to get more info from Dad. He is a good person to ask as he is a teacher. I’ll ask him tomorrow. Dad doesn't know anything about the painting and neither does Izzy. We ask her Mum, she says she knows that she got it online a few years ago.Izzy says she wants to sell it. Her Mum says “yes”We sell it to an old antique collector. We got a load of money!!!

The End

The boy on the yellow bike

 The boy on the yellow bike 

Aoibhín Ní fhearghail

One day me and my brother Cillian went to the park.  On the way we saw a boy on a yellow bike screaming “help!! I can’t get it to stop…”

“Where did you get the bike? “ Cillian asked 

“The dump - there was even a helmet there” he called..

 “Maybe it didn’t want to be taken?” I said, “Did you try putting it back?”.  The bell on the bike suddenly rang.

We all looked at each other nervously.

 “No! that just might work. Thanks!” he shouted back to me as he disappeared into the landscape.  

Hope it works!                               

The end              

The runaway bike

                                    The runaway bike

By Senan Ó Dorchaí

I cycled my bike to the cinema. I attached my lock to the bike and I went in.  I decided to watch ‘Avengers Age of Ultron’ so I took my seat and ate my popcorn during the movie. 

I came out of the cinema and I was very happy.  I unlocked my bike and started cycling home.   As I was cycling along the road, I came upon a car crash and I had to take a different road which was very bumpy.  

I took the bumpy road and I cycled so fast that I flew up a bump and fell flat on my face ouch!  However, my bike kept on going and I didn’t see where it went.  A few days later someone found it up at a post

Wednesday, February 10, 2021

My Birthday

                              My Birthday.

It's my birthday tomorrow I am so excited. I asked my Mammy and Daddy for a bike. You won’t believe me a yellow bike how embarrassing.

My friends knocked in to go cycling to the park with them. Oh God my Mammy said you have to go on your new bike. We went to the park and got off our bikes to play in the playground and when I come back my bike was gone. Oh no but secretly I’m happy. I walk through the park and saw my yellow bike up against a tree. I said nothing to my friends and went home.

Donnacha Mac an tSaoir

How I saved Red Ruby

 How I saved Red Ruby        

 “Freeze!” shouted sheriff Jones to the Blackout Burglar, who had tried to steal the Red Ruby. “Got you”, the sheriff shouted, then stopped to take a drink. While he was drinking, from my hiding spot, I noticed that the Blackout Burglar was sneaking away, only his distinctive yellow bike was stuck on a tree.

He stole a limo and sped away. I wanted to warn the sheriff, but I didn’t want to get arrested for solving it. With my iPad, I hacked into the car’s computer and stopped the engine.  I don’t know why I got arrested as I was only doing detective work. Maybe the sheriff was jealous - but at least I got a medal from the Mayor.


Orla Ní Cheallaigh 

Not the best tree-house

                                                 Not the best tree-house

Lots of people in my class are talking about getting a tree-house for their back garden so I decided to make my own. I wanted a TV in my tree-house and to be able to charge phones or ipads. I looked outside hoping to see a tree close to an electricity pole or something like that but the only electricity pole was not close to any trees or bushes. 

Just before I left I snuck my sister’s bike with me. I also grabbed some yellow spray paint and some plastic strips. When I walked over to the electricity pole I put my sister’s bike up against the pole and used the plastic strips to tie my sister’s bike. I spray painted it yellow so she wouldn’t recognise it.

 Just before I was finished my mum spotted me and now you know why I’m grounded.

Nathan Ó Riagáin

Flying in the sky

                 Flying in the sky. 


What would have happened if it had taken off? 

Would I have seen my house in the distance, 

Green grass down below and coloured houses. 

Would I have seen myself sitting on my trampoline moving the dials on my new drone? 

Maybe it would have gone so high into the clouds and maybe say “hello" to the birds 

It might fly through the snow and my neighbour’s see it flying above their heads, look up and stare at it. 

That would have been a great day for me and my drone but it just wouldn’t take off 

Donnacha Mac an tSaoir

The Bike Shock

The Bike Shock

Peter hadn’t wanted it anyway. It was too old and embarrassing. His friends had new, cool racers. All he got was a rusty, old yellow bike. 

The only good thing he had gotten for his birthday was his kite. It was blue with a red stripe down the middle of it and looked amazing! He had cycled to the park to fly his kite. Now it was stuck on the electricity pole.

He had tied his bike to the pole. The plan was to climb up the pole using the bike. Pity about the electricity at the top! 


Cillian Ó hEachthairn

The Cursed Yellow Bike

 The cursed yellow bike 

Please Mum it’s €2 for a go on the bike.” 

“No” she said.  

“Why”, I asked. 

“Well, my brother, Peter got a bike like that,  I never saw him again”.

 “But” I said, “it can climb trees”. 

“Fine” she said “but only if you want to disappear”.

As soon as I got on, I turned into a snake.  My mum, screamed and called a reptile centre which captured me !!!.  One day a witch who could speak Parseltongue came to visit. She said to get back on the bike,……………….

Aisling Ní Cheallaigh


Saturday, February 6, 2021

The Lemonade Stand

 The Lemonade Stand

I’m trying to make money. I decided to put up a lemonade stand. I told my mum what I was doing and where I was going. I grabbed ten euro and ran to my local shop.

Once I got home with lemons. I made lemonade and put my families pull out table just outside my driveway and waited for about two hours and only one customer came and tasted and walked away scratching his tongue. The next day I found out why no one bought my lemonade. I put no sugar in it.

My mum felt bad for me so she bought me a remote-controlled plane and when it was about to take off, let’s just say today was when it just wouldn’t take off, just like my lemonade stand.

Nathan Ó Riagáin

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Deachtú - Céim 4

Dáta & Scór & Spota
Ceartaigh i do chóipleabhar
Scríobh sa Leabhar Nótaí
3 focal -> Dialann

31. Tá sé rómhórtasach anois lena mhála mór.
32. Ní thig liom mo lámha a mhothú.
33. Tá mé go mór in amhras faoi do mharc.
34. Tá mo mhac sa mhonarcha ó bhí mí an Mhárta ann.
35. Tá sí do mo mhaslú leis an mharc sin.

26. Bhí sé rómhall don mhuc ba mhó.
27. Bhí ramhar agus mhol an fear dá mhac í a mharú.
28. Tá do mharla ina lámha ag mo mhac.
29. Tá sé rómhall anois.
30. Fág é go dtí an lá arna mhárach.

21.Ar mhol do mhamaí do mhuc?
22. Tá an mhuc sin rómhór.
23. Tá mo lámha ar an mhuc mhór ramhar.
24. Tá mé in amhras faoi mo mhac.
25. Beidh mo mhac ann i na Samhna.

16. Tugann sé bronntanas dó i na Nollag.
17. Tá na dallóga dúnta sa halla.
18. Tá an capall mór donn ag rith anonn is anall.
19. Tá carr mór donn ag Clann de Barra.
20. Bogann an capall sin go mall, tá dall. 

11.Bhí scannán ann sa halla ar ball.
12. Bíonn an capall ag tafann in amanna.
13. Tá cásanna thall sa halla.
14. Tógann an capall sin callán mór.

15. Is maith liom práta le hanlann agus salann.

6. In amanna gasta, in amanna mall.
7.  Ag dul anonn is anall.
8. Tagann busanna agus carranna go gasta agus go mall.
9. Tá dallamullóg ar Lára de Barra.
10. Níl úlla san úllord, bhíonn siad ag fás.

1. Tá an capall sin mall.
2. Tá nósanna gránna ag Anna.
3. In amanna tógann sí a gunna.
4. Tá capall mór donn ag Barra Ó Manna.
5. Tá carr mór gránna ag Molla Ní Anna.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Deachtú – Céim 3

Deachtú – Céim 3

Dáta & Scór & Spota
Ceartaigh i do chóipleabhar
Scríobh sa Leabhar Nótaí
5 focal x3 --> Abairtí

66. Bhí gasúr agus sagart i Sasana fosta.
67. Tugtar gradam in ómós don amadán.
68. Tugtar post banaltra do dhaoine gan splanc.
69. Tá camán briste lofa ann.
70. Tá an pobal ag athrú go gasta.

61.   Tá comórtas focal Nollag le socrú.
62. Tugtar cógas blasta do na muca sa tobar.
63. Tá scrúdú mór ann do dhaoine fada.
64. Bhí banaltra ábalta dul go Conamara le camán.
65. Tá consan agus guta le gach focal fada.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Dictations - Corewords 3 – Set Two

Corewords 3 – Set Two

Dáta ??
Ceartaigh i do chóipleabhar
Scríobh sa Leabhar Nótaí & Lch Corewords
Score ??

61.   It was very cool at the top of the mountain.
62.   I had just fallen asleep when a loud noise suddenly woke me.
63.   She was really hoping to get a chair because she hated standing.
64.   When the bridge fell nobody knew how many bodies would be found.
65.   It was only early in the month that the weather turned cold. 

56.            I hate making excuses when I am beaten.
57.           The army was supposed to steal quietly up the hill.
58.           We started buying all kinds of sweets with their money.
59.           Thousands of fans are expected to travel to watch the  teachers playing soccer.
60     If our aunt doesn’t tell us stories tonight we will hide her toothbrush.

51.    If our teacher knew what we wrote about her on the blackboard, she would be very angry.
52.           I have spent hundreds of euro learning how to pass my driving test.
53.           His neck was so sore when he woke up he decided not to go to school.
54.           I heard a loud noise coming from next door and I began to feel quite scared.
55.           After the crash he had to be taught how to walk again.

41.  When he slipped, his knife cut through the centre of the cloth.
42.  He stayed in bed after the crash because it was too difficult to move his neck.
43.  Those baskets are useless now because those cats have grown too big for them.
44.  If we start digging early in the morning we will need a break at eleven o’clock.
45. She was afraid her leg would start hurting again if she joined in the skipping.

36. Anyone who saw the giant would be very frightened.
37.  He managed to eat some jelly although his mouth was quite sore.
38.  Our aunt and uncle wanted to save the ponies but we said it was none of their business.
39.  When she was fifteen she visited many different countries.
40.  It is awful having a picnic when there are lots of insects around the place.

26.     You wouldn’t believe what the elephant ate for breakfast.
27.   We promised the man in the office that we would always behave ourselves.
28.   When we picked the largest vegetables in the garden, we brought them into the kitchen.
29.   Instead of saving her money to buy an electric heater, the princess bought ice cream every day.
30.   The baby cried when his father fell into the bath.

21.Who bought those lovely juicy oranges?
22.           Fourteen children wouldn’t play pass the parcel during the party.
23.           We don’t like listening to horse racing on the radio; we prefer to watch it on the television.
24.           These knives are even useless for cutting fruit!
25.           Maybe I can get you in free because my aunt works in the ticket office.

16.       The ghost wasn’t interested in the teacher’s house.
17.       If they hadn’t hurried home, they would have missed their favourite television show.
18.       We couldn’t manage to drive the lorries over the steep mountains.
19.       There was a huge snow fight in school, but a quarter of the children missed it.
20.       When we won the cup, the county captain brought it across the bridge.

11.            The new picture arrived at the museum just before it closed.
12.           The children in fifth and sixth class wonder why they don’t have fun anymore.
13.           I got a great surprise when I saw colour television for the first time.
14.           My new telephone is causing me awful trouble.
15.    Who ordered these new chairs for the sitting room?
6.            The farmer placed the bag of potatoes near the back of the truck.
7.           The hospital is so busy that the doctors have very little free time.
8.           We never expected to be beaten by their soccer team.
9.           If I could choose I would only invite twelve children to the party.

10.           That desert island isn’t such a wonderful place to go on holiday.

1.       It’s alright for my grandmother and grandfather to eat the chicken, but it would make me sick.
2.       I’m not interested in going to the library to find out about wild animals.
3.       Nobody enjoys ice cream as much as I do !
4.       Many people thought that ninety or a hundred were killed in the crash.
5.       The teacher is sure that he didn’t make an awful mess of the banana cake.