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Friday, November 24, 2017



If you see a hooded man wearing a black torn cloak on the fourth of November in between 6 o’clock and 4 o’clock  in a leap year turn around and go the other way.  He is dead but he comes back to kill the people who are very evil.  His favourite targets are murderers.  He them  to bring them to his master who leeches their evilness out  Even if you are nice still run away because he can sometimes kill innocents and he kills them very painfully.  Nobody knows his real name but he has some nicknames these are some of them skull crusher, hell servant, the leap year killer and the decapitator.


The Grim Reaper (Danny)

The Grim Reaper

There once was a statue in Saint Bobs Park. The statue was of a man under a black cloak, Standing beside two trees on the side of the path. Kids used to go and play on and around it. But sometimes when there was only one person around it, it would move each time that the person looked away and then once it got close enough it would pull out a giant scythe and slit their throat. Then people started to get suspicious because it was the only thing there. Around a year later they removed it.


The Missing Scythe

The Missing Scythe

The Grim Reaper had lost his scythe and wanted it back.  He looked everywhere but couldn’t find it, he then realised he needed to ask the people for help. But anywhere he went, the people just ran away screaming.  Whenever he got anyway close to anyone he could see the terror in their faces as they ran away in panic.  He began to think, he had no friends and no one to talk to, he realised for the first time, he was all alone.  He no longer needed his scythe, he needed a friend, it was time to change……..


Shadow Statue

Shadow Statue
One day Mai went to the park with her parents for a picnic. When Mai went off playing, she saw a shadow behind a tree and it seemed it was holding a knife.She ran back to her parents and told them what she had seen. But when her parents came back from looking they said there was nothing there. Shocked, when they went home Mai went to the police and told them what she saw. When they heard what she said, they went to the park and searched it. When they came back they said it was just a statue!!

       The End

The Doomsville Dilema

The Doomsville Dilema
        Terrible things were happening in Doomsville. Children were being found dead all over town. One child was determined to find out who or what was behind this. His name was Jack.
That night, Jack stayed up until he spotted a hooded figure running through the night. He followed the figure until they reached a cliff. Suddenly, the murderer turned round, let out an unearthly screech and lunged at Jack with talons outstretched. Jack rolled to the side and the creature tumbled off the edge of the cliff. Jack looked over the edge but the murderer’s body was gone. For all Jack knew, he could still be alive.
Oisín Ó S

Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Hooded Killer

The Hooded Killer

On a shocking  and miserable  day returning from a shocking  day at school a hooded figure stood before me in a black cloak everything turned black.I took a step back but he still followed me. I started to run and then he started to glide.My heart was thumping as I ran through very dark alleys he then cornered  me hitting and punching me slitting me with a knife.I screamed in agony but nothing happened. My flesh was falling disintegrating then I screamed but it wasn't a normal scream  it was the scream of death.


The Cloaked Mystery

The Cloaked Mystery

Annie was a unique girl. She was a witch an elementle and an adept,Annie had a wand, a sword and the power to throw fire and push at the air. She was tracking down a serial killer but couldn't find him. Annie went for a stroll in the park and found a trail of blood, she saw a hooded figure. She approached him and he reavealed his face, he was a WEREWOLF!! Annie and the cloaked werewolf dwelled Annie slashed her sword her sword into him he fell and screamed in agony. His body lay there still with a pool of blood beside it.



I was in Bert’s house. He showed me the newspaper. It read killer in black. I knew I had to save the people so I made invincibility suits. I handed them out at the shop. The killer killed no more after that because people were waring their suits. But who was the killer? I figured out his den was in the park. I put on my invincibility suit and ran into the park. I saw him I unhooded him BERT!!” But why” I asked “I wanted people dead so I could take their money” he said. He went jail for ever.

The End


Magic Lightning


A dark and stormy night in Limerick a lightning bolt struck down in ``People’s Park`` the night before Halloween.
The lightning hit a statue, sparks flew into the air.
The statue came to life!
On Halloween people thought it was an outfit.
He knocked on a door and murdered the people inside.
Whoever knocked he took inside and killed.
No one knocked for a while.
When he realised it was stormy, he went outside and searched for civilians and again lightning struck at him.
He transformed into a statue again and so he was put back in the park.



The Deatheaters

The Deatheaters

Caoilinn had just finished reading a book about Deatheaters. Her friend Eabha walked by and Caoilinn called her over. She told Eabha that she'd read that Deatheaters come out at 11.59 on Halloween night. Eabha gasped in horror. They planned to have a sleepover that night and creep out at 11:30.
Finally the night came. They slyly crept outside. When they reached the park they jumped backwards in fright. There were more than 20 hooded Deatheaters standing there. The girls took out their Stonifiers and zapped them, turning them into statues. One still stands in the park today.

Sadhbh Ní M

Wednesday, November 22, 2017



There were two curious kids called Kieran and Martha. One day they set off for the park. When they were there Kieran saw something strange. He showed Martha. It looked a lot like the grim reaper. They decided to pursue him to see what he was up to. They followed him into a building. They saw him taking out 2 daggers. He went up to a room on the 5th floor. They peeked in. They noticed that the daggers were fake and there were other people there. They were all dressed up. It was a fancy dress party after all!!!!

Miguel Ó Leannacháin

Grim Reaper (Alex)

God created the Grim Reaper without a soul to collect souls.
One day he was collecting a soul and he tripped over and the soul went into him.
He only had a couple of days to get to God and get the soul removed
But he could feel things with the soul that he couldn’t feel before.
He decided to collect one more soul before he vanished.
He disappeared while collecting the soul.

The next morning the man whose soul was last collected woke up and looked in the mirror, he had a cloak on and a scythe.


The Assassins

The Assassins

The Assassins Manuel, Jake and Jason arrived at the castle portcullis. They raced to discover their mission.
The Master ordered
“you must get the ball of luck from the Templars”.
The Assassins ran to the castle tower. Using training and eagle vision, they climbed easily to track the Templars.
Jumping and flipping from tower to tower, they spotted them.
Stealthily, they dropped from the tower prepared to battle to death to achieve their mission.
As the Assassins ejected their hidden blades, the Templars gasped and fled without the ball of luck.
The Assassins smiled under the pine trees.
Dara Ó Cinnéide