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Thursday, March 25, 2021



“Ding”! Yes! Finally they were ready! Dr McMarmite had cloned a jar of marmite in his lab, and now he had 1000 marmite jars that could: a)talk b)jump c)shoot marmite! His plan was ready for action! His assistant came into the lab with a confused look. “I thought you hated marmite?” “no” he said “I like marmite”. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. “I wonder who that is?” he muttered. He had, after all, a doormat saying “GO AWAY”. He opened the door. A policeman came in. “Got ya!” he shouted. His assistant had betrayed him! He had phoned the police! It was a marmite disaster.
Cillian Ó hEachthairn


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  2. Hi Cillian!

    As an American, I'm not familiar with Marmite so I had to do a little internet research...I'm not convinced I would like it. :)

    You took a fun approach to this prompt! I also liked the how you structured your story with conversation, a list, and onomatopoeia.

    Keep writing!
    Francine (Team 100WC)
    Twin Cities, Minnesota USA