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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

MARMITE This is an exaggerated story.


This is an exaggerated story

It was a Monday. I thought it was Friday but it wasn't, ugh mondays. We were in school getting ready for maths but then múintoir Shane came in with tucs and what looked like chocolate sauce but sadly it wasn't it was MARMITE don don donn. If you don't know what marmite is I’ll tell you it's a sauce that smells like soy sauce but tasted like(I can’t explain) hehehe back to the story. Half of the class dropped dead(just remember this is an exaggeration ok ok),then a voice called out. We gasped. 

We said "are you ok", 

"yes" he replied 

"isn't marmite disgusting, am I right or am I right". 

“NO” he said "I love it, nothing can change that". 

And he walked into the darkness



1 comment:

  1. That was quite the dramatic ending, Ciana! I like how you compared the appearance of Marmite to chocolate sauce, as I can definitely see how the two might be mistaken for one another. The first line of this was also a short and sweet introduction to the story. I do find something admirable in Shane continuing to love Marmite despite everyone else's reactions to it. Keep writing!