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Thursday, March 25, 2021



One day, a man went to work. The man worked at a place where they made peanut butter, Marmite and lots of other sauces. He had to wear a brown top that looked like it was dipped in chocolate and he also wore black trousers. In work he started to make some Marmite and peanut butter. He used spicy seeds and some leaves that smelt like mint. Next, he added some sugar in it. Walla….. ‘It is ready to go!’ He said with joy.

Then he made the peanut butter, he used some nuts and a tiny bit of sugar. Then he mixed it all up. After this, he got some bread and he put some butter on it. Next, he put some peanut butter on it and done the same with the Marmite. When this was finished he went out to the park and made a little stand. A boy came to his stall and the man asked if he wanted some peanut butter….. No the boy said, I like Marmite! So the man gave him some Marmite and he went home happier than ever.

The end.

By Elizabeth



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