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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Marmite or marfright!


Marmite or marfright!

By Caoilinn


Sam what do you want for lunch?!!”

Sam came runing down the stairs.

Sam do you want a peanut butter sandwich or a jam sandwich?”said mom.

No” he said, “I like marmite!!!!!!!!”

Sam do not shout at me.”

Why?” said Sam.

Do not be smart with are grounded...go to bed.”


Tossing and turning in his sleep, Sam was having a dream or maybe a nightmare.

In the nightmare he was devouring a crunchy craker smothered in marmite but it felt like something was crawling in his mouth. He looked down and realsied that it was not marmite at was millions of mites milling around his mouth.

Sam quickly woke up and realised a peanut butter sandwich seemed like a great idea after all!

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