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Saturday, March 20, 2021

Bird Haven


“Did you hear of the scarecrow that doesn’t do his job?” said my friend Ben. 

“What scarecrow?” I replied. 

“I’ll show you.” Ben said. “Follow me.”

 Ben led me to a garden with lots of flowers, bushes, trees and in the middle of the garden stood a scarecrow covered in all types of birds. There were robins, crows, seagulls EVEN PARROTS AND TOUCANS!!! It was a bird haven.

“And look at this.” Ben said as he waved his hands to scare the birds away. “It’s made of STONE!!!

“What!?” I said confused. 

“The worst Scarecrow EVER.” Said Ben. 

“It’s anything but a scarecrow.” I said laughing. 

Suddenly a giant eagle swooped down and scared the life out of us. The two boys ran out of the garden screaming their heads off. Mr. Scarecrow is not a scarecrow he’s a scare-kid!

Nathan Ó Riagáin                                    

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Nathan - Your story was special because the use of dialogue between characters pulled me right in. The conversation between the two boys was spot-on. I also admire how your speaker tags provide more details about the character and the story, such as "Ben said as he waved his hands to scare the birds away." The statue seems magical for birds, since birds from all over the world are collected on the stone scarecrow's shoulders. The last paragraph, when the giant eagle swoops down, and you share that that statue is actually a "scare-kid" was the perfect denouement. I'm recommending you for this week's showcase because your original story was a knockout. :) Keep on writing - Mrs. Rombach, Team 100WC from Virginia