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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The Trampo-Swing


The Trampo-Swing

I was so excited to go to our holiday house because I go down nearly every year to see my friends and have fun swimming at the beach or playing at their house.

The minute we came I jumped out of the car and stretched my legs. I opened the gate and ran inside the house. We unpacked our bags and my sister and I ran up to our friends house. They opened the door and we  ran into their garden and saw their trampoline hanging from a rope. It looked weird because you don’t see a trampoline hanging from a rope and over a river. My sister asked what it was and they said “we call it a trampo-swing.” I jumped on to it and we swung and swung until we got dizzy.





  1. I like the way in your story that the Trampo-Swing isn't a real thing and I like the way that it is over a river (You're lucky it didn't fall!!)

    1. I didn't fall thank god. but it's a true story!