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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

How I saved Red Ruby

 How I saved Red Ruby        

 “Freeze!” shouted sheriff Jones to the Blackout Burglar, who had tried to steal the Red Ruby. “Got you”, the sheriff shouted, then stopped to take a drink. While he was drinking, from my hiding spot, I noticed that the Blackout Burglar was sneaking away, only his distinctive yellow bike was stuck on a tree.

He stole a limo and sped away. I wanted to warn the sheriff, but I didn’t want to get arrested for solving it. With my iPad, I hacked into the car’s computer and stopped the engine.  I don’t know why I got arrested as I was only doing detective work. Maybe the sheriff was jealous - but at least I got a medal from the Mayor.


Orla Ní Cheallaigh 

1 comment:

  1. Great writing Orla.
    I’m glad that the blackout burglar got thought but maybe you shouldn’t have used a yellow bike! I’m also glad that you got a medal from the mayor but it will be interesting to find out why you were arrested.
    Maybe I’ll get to read about that in your next piece of writing. Keep up the good work