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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Not the best tree-house

                                                 Not the best tree-house

Lots of people in my class are talking about getting a tree-house for their back garden so I decided to make my own. I wanted a TV in my tree-house and to be able to charge phones or ipads. I looked outside hoping to see a tree close to an electricity pole or something like that but the only electricity pole was not close to any trees or bushes. 

Just before I left I snuck my sister’s bike with me. I also grabbed some yellow spray paint and some plastic strips. When I walked over to the electricity pole I put my sister’s bike up against the pole and used the plastic strips to tie my sister’s bike. I spray painted it yellow so she wouldn’t recognise it.

 Just before I was finished my mum spotted me and now you know why I’m grounded.

Nathan Ó Riagáin


  1. Well done Nathan. Again !
    Great ideas and imagination. I’m sorry to hear that you were grounded even though he stole your sisters bike. However you might have been very lucky because three houses and electricity poles don’t always work well together. But maybe that will be the next thing you write about!

  2. Your story was very funny!I really like the part where you sprayed the bike yellow.