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Friday, November 18, 2016

Trump (not!)

Trump (not!)
"Greetings humans of Earth!!!" said a computerized voice up in the sky. Up looked President Trump.
"What the...?" he shouted.
"I have here with me the Guks from Saturn, " said the computerized voice. It was Peaky.
"It's that robot from England ," said Trump. "What do you want ?" shouted Trump.
"Souls," replied the computerized voice.
The robot lifted a lazy arm and pointed at a scruffy old dog. A blue laser vapourized the poor thing.
"That is what I want," he said.
Then the Guks descended. One of them shot. And to Mr Trump it was darkness.


  1. That's a rather dark story Niall, with quite a chilling ending. I always get sad when animals are harmed though. It is nevertheless very topical, following closely behind the election result in the United States. I'm impressed with the amount of dialogue you included, especially considering how tricky punctuating it can be.
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

  2. great work I like the title trump NOT!!!it was a great peace of writing I was laughing a lot!!!! I like the way you put.And to Mr trump was in darkness

  3. That was a wonderful story Niall and the spellings were great I think it was very good.
    Sean o c