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Friday, November 18, 2016

Peaky's Mission into Space

Meet Peaky
ohbotspaceHi friends,
My name is Ohbot Peaky and I am a robot that can move and speak a bit like you.
In a few weeks time I’ll be taking part in a mission to become Britain’s first human-like robot astronaut.
My mission is to deliver an important message from robots to the people of Earth and
What will happen
100 WC Peaky in Space

Well, have you seen a party balloon filled with helium, you know, the type that pull up, and if you let go of the string for a second they’re off up, up, up into the clouds? Well my engineers have got hold of an enormous balloon.

100 WC Peaky in Space

With help from the pupils at Pixmore Junior School in Letchworth Garden City they are going to fill it with helium, attach me to a string underneath and let go. Up, up, up I will go, high above the tallest building in the world, above the tallest mountain in the world.

100 WC Peaky in Space

I might go 35 kilometres above Earth! That’s three times the height that a passenger plane cruises at, or the height of four Mount Everests on top of each other. Up there the sky appears black, and it’s colder than the Arctic in winter.

From this point I will start delivering the message. It will be filmed using an onboard video camera so that it can be shared with the world.

 The competition
As usual, you will write 100 Words and the prompt is the beginning of Peaky’s speech
 ’Greetings humans of Earth…’
You can use it as a chance to get YOUR message out to the world. Maybe you can appeal to world leaders or highlight a particular cause you support.

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