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Friday, November 18, 2016

Rusty Rubbish

Rusty Rubbish

Greeting humans of earth, Littering is getting out of hand. People are
dropping Rubbish everywhere!!! We have bins you know. I was in Kerry with
my cousin and we went to the shops, then we went to the park. She dropped
her paper on the ground, and I said "Pick that up". And she said it's just one
piece and then I though everyone in the world could say that. Then what
would happen? I think everyone should help with LITTERING or the world will
End!!!!! Do you want that to happen?


  1. I read your 100 word challenge and I enjoyed it!
    I liked the way you said that your cousin dropped the paper and you said to your cousin TO PICK IT UP!!!

  2. I agree every one should pick up there rubbish and dispose it.

  3. That was a very good story. I will try help with littering.

  4. Your piece of writing was very interesting 😃

  5. I agree that people are dropping rubbish everywhere so i think it is a great speech.

  6. Hi Aolfe! Thank you for taking the time to post on the 100 Word Challenge this week. What a great message for mankind! It is one that will make a big difference very quickly. I enjoyed the anecdote that went with your message. To make your writing even better next time, remember to check your punctuation before you submit - sometimes our brains go faster than our fingers, so a quick read through to make sure it is how you wanted it to sound is always good. Well done! I look forward to reading your next post!
    Mrs. T., Wiltshire, UK, (100 Word challenge Team).