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Monday, January 22, 2018

Dictations - Corewords 3 – Set Two

Corewords 3 – Set Two

Dáta ??
Ceartaigh i do chóipleabhar
Scríobh sa Leabhar Nótaí & Lch Corewords
Score ??

61.   It was very cool at the top of the mountain.
62.   I had just fallen asleep when a loud noise suddenly woke me.
63.   She was really hoping to get a chair because she hated standing.
64.   When the bridge fell nobody knew how many bodies would be found.
65.   It was only early in the month that the weather turned cold. 

56.            I hate making excuses when I am beaten.
57.           The army was supposed to steal quietly up the hill.
58.           We started buying all kinds of sweets with their money.
59.           Thousands of fans are expected to travel to watch the  teachers playing soccer.
60     If our aunt doesn’t tell us stories tonight we will hide her toothbrush.

51.    If our teacher knew what we wrote about her on the blackboard, she would be very angry.
52.           I have spent hundreds of euro learning how to pass my driving test.
53.           His neck was so sore when he woke up he decided not to go to school.
54.           I heard a loud noise coming from next door and I began to feel quite scared.
55.           After the crash he had to be taught how to walk again.

41.  When he slipped, his knife cut through the centre of the cloth.
42.  He stayed in bed after the crash because it was too difficult to move his neck.
43.  Those baskets are useless now because those cats have grown too big for them.
44.  If we start digging early in the morning we will need a break at eleven o’clock.
45. She was afraid her leg would start hurting again if she joined in the skipping.

36. Anyone who saw the giant would be very frightened.
37.  He managed to eat some jelly although his mouth was quite sore.
38.  Our aunt and uncle wanted to save the ponies but we said it was none of their business.
39.  When she was fifteen she visited many different countries.
40.  It is awful having a picnic when there are lots of insects around the place.

26.     You wouldn’t believe what the elephant ate for breakfast.
27.   We promised the man in the office that we would always behave ourselves.
28.   When we picked the largest vegetables in the garden, we brought them into the kitchen.
29.   Instead of saving her money to buy an electric heater, the princess bought ice cream every day.
30.   The baby cried when his father fell into the bath.

21.Who bought those lovely juicy oranges?
22.           Fourteen children wouldn’t play pass the parcel during the party.
23.           We don’t like listening to horse racing on the radio; we prefer to watch it on the television.
24.           These knives are even useless for cutting fruit!
25.           Maybe I can get you in free because my aunt works in the ticket office.

16.       The ghost wasn’t interested in the teacher’s house.
17.       If they hadn’t hurried home, they would have missed their favourite television show.
18.       We couldn’t manage to drive the lorries over the steep mountains.
19.       There was a huge snow fight in school, but a quarter of the children missed it.
20.       When we won the cup, the county captain brought it across the bridge.

11.            The new picture arrived at the museum just before it closed.
12.           The children in fifth and sixth class wonder why they don’t have fun anymore.
13.           I got a great surprise when I saw colour television for the first time.
14.           My new telephone is causing me awful trouble.
15.    Who ordered these new chairs for the sitting room?
6.            The farmer placed the bag of potatoes near the back of the truck.
7.           The hospital is so busy that the doctors have very little free time.
8.           We never expected to be beaten by their soccer team.
9.           If I could choose I would only invite twelve children to the party.

10.           That desert island isn’t such a wonderful place to go on holiday.

1.       It’s alright for my grandmother and grandfather to eat the chicken, but it would make me sick.
2.       I’m not interested in going to the library to find out about wild animals.
3.       Nobody enjoys ice cream as much as I do !
4.       Many people thought that ninety or a hundred were killed in the crash.
5.       The teacher is sure that he didn’t make an awful mess of the banana cake.

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