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Friday, January 27, 2017

The bank

The bank

I have seen a mauve puddle and it looked like it was made of steel. 

My mom Told me to stay outside while she went inside to 

collect money for us to go bowling a few minutes later I saw a 

guy walk in with a gun. I walked in after him/her and he wanted 

my mom's bag he stuck up his gun so I sneaked up after him and

Kicked him the gun fell and the bank keeper gave me €100 . 

The Garda came the mad gun man was arrested and he was tearful the 

Garda gave me €200,

My mom gave me €200 and I had €500 in a total

So I went to the cinema and watched STAR WARS.

And before the movie started an add came on about me. 

The man sitting behind me gave me €400.

The lady in front of me gave me €100.

I thought I was the richest child ever so I got a racing car made out of


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