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Wednesday, 22 November 2017



There were two curious kids called Kieran and Martha. One day they set off for the park. When they were there Kieran saw something strange. He showed Martha. It looked a lot like the grim reaper. They decided to pursue him to see what he was up to. They followed him into a building. They saw him taking out 2 daggers. He went up to a room on the 5th floor. They peeked in. They noticed that the daggers were fake and there were other people there. They were all dressed up. It was a fancy dress party after all!!!!

Miguel Ó Leannacháin


  1. Hi Miguel I would not change a thing. It reminds me of a tv program I saw. I wonder who the grim reaper was? Goodbye from Fiachra:-)

  2. Hi I loved that story and the ending was like a party I was at a few years ago Goodbye Eoghan