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Friday, 15 December 2017

The Angry Monkey

 The Angry Monkey

Yesterday on the 24 of November I was playing Call Of Duty on my Apple laptop. I had a very good gun and 26 kills. Then suddenly TheslipperybannanaX5 got 2 kills. Now he was tying on 26 kills with me. I WAS SO ANGRY!!! So I threw my favourite banana plate. then I ran around angrily for a few minuets then out of nowhere an add popped up, it was an add for a banana selling company. When I pressed X on the add TheslipperybannanaX5 had killed me. Now he was on 27 kills and I was on 26 I had lost I WAS SO SO  ANGRY!!!!!!! SO I PICKED UP ME LAPTOP AND THREW IT OFF THE TABLE!


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